Windows 10 app progress

Windows 10 app progress – Universal Radio

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Windows 10 update

It’s time for an update about the progress we are making with the Windows 10 app. Last year we decided to add podcasts to our apps and when we started to build the foundations we felt that our android app needed a makeover so that’s exactly what we did. However we don’t have a lot of time to develop because Universal Radio is something we do in our free time so the android app has taken most of our time and after we released the update many users found bugs and problems that we had to fix before continuing with the windows app.

Now that we are finally done fixing bugs we are going to continue working on our Windows app. There are a lot of things that need to created and tested before it’s done so I’m not going to say when it’ll be released but the current progress is that we are done adding podcasts, the sync feature is working for 90% and most of the work that is left is optimizing the (mobile) design and fixing bugs.

We will keep posting our progress and hopefully we can release the update soon!

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