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We know, it has been a long time since we posted anything or even updated our radio apps but I can tell you that we are still here!

So many things have happened that cost so much time that we couldn’t work on our Universal Radio app. When the app got removed from the windows store we wanted to create a normal windows program instead but we never had the time to do so. We did start working on the radio webplayer and our progress ain’t that bad actually,  so we will continue and maybe with a little luck it will be online this year!

We have also decided to release the windows app for side-loading, this means you can download the app outside of the windows store. This version will be available sometime in October/November. Maybe even sooner but no promises.

The last couple of days our apps didn’t work because we were transferring the radio back-end to a new server, everything should be working now but if you run into problems please let us know.

We hope to have some good news very soon so keep watching our website or twitter for updates.

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