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Universal Radio is no longer available in the Windows 10 store

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Microsoft decided to unpublish our app last month, the reason according to them is that they found offensive content in our app. I tried to contact them to find out what they mean by offensive content but they never responded so after waiting for more than a month I decided to quit the Windows UWP platform. Their service is ridiculous and I have the feeling our app has been unpublished because of certain radio stations which would be an act against free speech. So here we are with only the Android app left.

Now some good news, I was already planning a web version and actually started working on it a couple months ago! Now because there are a lot of Windows users I will create a wrapper around the coming web version so everybody can just install it like a normal program and also receive updates without any problems. A wrapper also means that functions like streaming to chromecast or any dlna device will still be possible. This new version will be rolled out with a minimum of functions and become bigger and better as we go. The first release will not contain user accounts and chromecast support and it might be a little buggy. Also you will not be able to add or update radio stations yet, though this will be coming fast.

There is some good news in this because maintaining a web version is much more easier and faster than building an App. Problems can be solved faster and we can actually support all platforms, even Apple. The first release will be available for testing very soon.

Now everybody that has bought the no ads feature will of course get it back in the new version as soon as the user accounts are implemented.

Feel free to contact me through the contact page or our Facebook page if you have any questions.

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