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Post by Taurus » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:17 pm

We just pushed version to the Windows store, it should be available by tomorrow.

This is the full changelog:

Added a website field to radio stations because we want to support broadcasters in any way we can.

Radio tiles now have a website link.

We added a radio website button to the popup menu on mobile devices.

Fixed some language errors.

Added the feedback hub to the menu. You can help us by leaving feedback on our forum/facebook or the feedback hub.

Radio tiles in the browser are now smaller and more compact, this is a huge improvement on screens with lower resolutions.

Because radio tiles are smaller now the logos are smaller too and this saves a lot of memory and loading time.

Radio logos now always have a white background, this looks way better with transparent logos.

We have removed the ability to edit and add radio stations on mobile devices, this has never really worked great on smaller screens.

We fixed the white status bar on mobile phones.

We changed how the app asks to log in to Facebook when account details are found in the Windows roaming network. The Facebook popup was annoying and non closable but now there is a blue button on top that you can use to authenticate with Facebook.

We fixed the listen count exploit that allowed some radio stations to reach the top lists faster than intended, sorry :)

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