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Check our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find an answer please contact us on our contact page or forum.

Is Universal Radio really free?
Yes! 100%.
Because our users add and update radio stations we don’t have to put so much time in maintaining the content of our app. We can put more time in developing this way.

Is there going to be an Iphone app?
Maybe in the future but maintaining two apps is already costing a lot of time and we do everything in our free time.

What exactly gets synchronized between the android and windows app?
We synchronize your favorites and what you are currently listening to. This way you can easily switch between your devices and continue where you left of.

How can I add and update radio stations?
You can only do this with the Windows 10 app, first create an account inside the app and then go to ‘manage radio stations’. Here you can add or update an existing radio station (If you’re not a moderator you can only update radio stations that you have added).
If you apply for moderator you can edit all radio stations but getting approved takes some time. We will check you out first to avoid spam.

I added a radio station but it’s not playing?
Check the stream url that you have entered, we support m3u, pls, m3u8 playlists and direct links. Rtmp streams are currently not supported. If you can’t get it to work please let us know so we can help!

The radio logo is not showing?
We have noticed that some users enter the website url in the logo field but this obviously doesn’t work so check the url you have entered and make sure it ends with jpg, bmp, png or gif. The windows app has some issues with svg images but we are going to fix this. If you don’t know how to get the logo link try this, do a right click on the logo on a website and select “copy image url”. This will work in most browsers to get the image link.