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Universal Radio is being developed in our free time and comes with a monthly server cost and many hours of developing. If you like what we do you can donate in:

Bitcoin: 1PqeULZvvLYbjUrFvezLTZ9u3vv7ydthgb
Litecoin: LfmHqEDbG7Viw9pQbGDDMtk1CuoA8dUmcP
Ethereum: 0xafb61cd4eb805dbae156d973b2d0f86853293b8f
ZCash: t1R99Cqs2F5HC8QCoP5iqnX86WPNGpCa6hP
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About Universal Radio

Do you like to listen to the radio or are you a podcast listener and would you like to have every radio station and podcast worldwide at your fingertips?
Look no further because Universal Radio is exactly what you need!

What is Universal Radio
Our free radio app is completely controlled by our amazing community, users can add or edit radio stations which in turn means that our app can be free. Of course we do check the quality of added radio stations and fix them where needed. We have been known for a while on the Windows platform and have taken the step to Android. Universal Radio will be in beta for a while and updates should be available regularly.

Completely free!
• Over 30.000 radio stations available worldwide.
• 20.000 podcasts available worldwide.
• Chromecast support.
• Managed by the community.
• Easily search on genre, country or a keyword.
• Available on Android and Windows 10 devices.
• Support forum for quick support.

Universal Radio has over 30.000 radio stations and over 20.000 podcasts from all over the world. Listen to all the popular radio stations and podcasts from the United States or United Kingdom or any country in the world.

*You can only add or edit radio stations from a Windows 10 device. If you would like to help Universal Radio grow even bigger you can download our app from the Windows 10 Store and create a free account so you can add and edit radio stations.


Our app is free to use but we do rely on donations to keep on improving our app.


Listen to 30.000 radiostations and 20.000 podcasts worldwide for free.


Listen on your Android device and continue on your Windows 10 pc or laptop.