About Universal Radio

Do you like to listen to the radio and would you like to have every radio station worldwide at your fingertips? Look no further because Universal Radio is exactly what you need!

Universal Radio has over 5000 radio stations from all over the world and our users are adding more stations every day.

Listen to all the popular radio stations from the United States or United Kingdom or any country in the world

What is Universal Radio
Our free radio app is completely controlled by our amazing community, users can add or edit radio stations which in turn means that our app can be free. Of course we do check the quality of added radio stations and fix them where needed. We have been known for a while on the Windows platform and have taken the step to Android. Universal Radio will be in beta for a while and updates should be available regularly.

•Over 5000 radio stations available worldwide.
•Chromecast support.
•Controlled by the community.
•Easily search on genre, country and a keyword.
Completely free!
•Available on Android and Windows 10 devices.
•Support forum for quick support.

*You can only add or edit radio stations from a Windows 10 device. If you would like to help Universal Radio grow even bigger you can download our app from the Windows 10 Store and create a free account so you can add and edit radio stations.

Universal Radio Windows 10


Here are some important things to know about Universal Radio.

Screen support

Thanks to Windows 10 we are able to build an app that scales perfectly on all screen sizes.

Stream types

Universal radio supports all the popular playlist files and stream types. You can add any type of stream.

Forever free

Our app is free to use but we do rely on donations to keep on improving our app.


Universal Radio has built in support for Chromecast, you can cast any radio station to your favorite device!


Below are some screenshots from Universal Radio.
If you use our app with Microsoft continuum it wil look and act as the full desktop version.

Latest News

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Universal Radio Released

Universal Radio beta released!

19 April 2016 / by The Universal Radio Team /

We have released the first beta in the Windows Store!
Download Universal Radio for free and tell us what you think, you can help us by adding more radio stations and give us feedback on the forum. You can reach the forum from within our app.

Universal Radio for android Released

Universal Radio for Android released!

19 December 2016 / by The Universal Radio Team /

The Universal Radio app for Android is available in the Google Play store. Listen to over 2000 radio stations on your Android device!

Contact Us

You can contact us if you have a question or need help.
Make sure to check our forum first before contacting us.